Don’t Settle for a Cold Shower

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If you had to experience a cold shower this morning, make the call to Black Plumbing for all your water heater repairs and servicing needs.

Your water heater, whether it’s traditional or tankless, carries a large load to keep your household running smoothly throughout the day. Doing laundry, bathing, cooking, and cleaning all require hot water at some point, so they can all be affected when something is wrong with your heater.

What’s involved in a heater tune-up?

Call Black Plumbing today to schedule a tune-up of your hot water heater. We will make sure everything is working as it should be, and we’ll notify you of any potential problems. We will perform the following:

  • Check both the safety relief valve and emergency shutoff valve to make sure there are no safety issues in the event of a malfunction
  • Check the water temperature to make sure the heater is functioning as it should – water should be hot enough to shower, but not hot enough to be a burn hazard
  • Check filters and burner assembly
  • System flush whenever necessary to remove debris that can affect efficiency and lead to issues