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Lubbock Commercial Plumbing Services - Black Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Operations

Black Plumbing has experience with all aspects of commercial plumbing – hot water heaters, sewer lines, and drains. Whether you need a new plumbing system installed in your commercial building or you need to replace your restaurant’s outdated plumbing hardware, our experts can handle the job.

    • Churches
    • Schools
    • Medical clinics
    • Department stores
    • Apartment complexes
    • Restaurants
    • Supermarkets
    • Office Buildings
    • Hotels


Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include The Following

  • Commercial plumbing installation
  • Commercial sewer installation
  • Commercial bathroom plumbing
  • Commercial drain installation
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Plumbing installation
  • Commercial drain cleaning
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Water filtration
  • Pipe installation
  • Pipe replacement

Whether you need a new faucet installed or a new sewer line put in, count on the experts at Black Plumbing to keep your “down time” to a minimum.

Commercial Plumbing Replacement - Black Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Replacement

Whether it’s a faucet, drain, or sewer line, we can replace any and all parts of your commercial plumbing system with ease. We understand you need your business to be fully functioning at all times, so we do what we have to do to get the job done quickly without skimping on quality. We also offer affordable prices and will work around your schedule for your convenience.

We can replace the following

  • Commercial bathroom plumbing
  • Drainage systems
  • Commercial piping

We use only the highest-quality materials in our replacement work, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the very best available. We can also replace outdated toilets or faucets with low-flow ones, which save you money on your water bills. Call Black Plumbing for reliable commercial plumbing services whenever you need them.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Abilene - Black Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Having regular maintenance done on your commercial plumbing system can save you thousands of dollars in big repairs down the line. Black Plumbing can detect any problems before they get out of control. Just give us a call to get started!

Black Plumbing Maintains the following

  • Sewer lines, drains, and water pipes
  • Showers & tubs
  • Faucets (we can also install anti-scald faucets)
  • Toilets (we can also install low-water consumption toilets to save water)
  • Sump pumps
  • Garbage disposals
  • Backflow preventers
  • Water Heaters

Preventative Maintenance Tips

  • Look for puddles and watermarks where pipes go through walls or the foundation
  • Look for green stains around brass and copper & yellow or orange stains on steel
  • Test the water pressure – low pressure can indicate sediment buildup or a problem with the water line
  • Remove the shower head to check for buildup

Call Black Plumbing with any questions about any of our commercial plumbing services or to schedule an appointment!

Abilene Plumbing - Black Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

We at Black Plumbing know that you simply can’t afford to have issues with your commercial operation’s plumbing system for long. That’s why we provide reliable and efficient repairs. Whether it’s as simple as a backed-up toilet or as messy as a restaurant’s garbage disposal, we’ll have it up and running again in no time at all! We also have experience with tenant improvements, so if you own a commercial strip that needs plumbing repairs, give us a call!

  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Commercial Sewers
  • Commercial Drains

No matter what it is that needs fixing, you can be sure it will get done right the first time around. And we’ll do our best to be out of your way as soon as we can. We know you have a business to run. For commercial plumbing repairs you can count on every time, choose Black Plumbing. Just call when you need us!

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