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What is the best AC system?
There are many different brands of systems in operation and most of them contain components that are very similar, the real value is in your warranties and professional installation of your equipment

What is the best temperature to set my thermostat?
The answer is to set your thermostat wherever you are comfortable setting it at; if your system is sized and operating correctly and all other factors such as insulation in your home are adequate then the system should perform well without astronomical cost no matter what temperature you desire in your home

How long should a new A/C system last?
Air systems are very similar to vehicles in this regard, if they are maintained properly and are not “abused” with usage demands they should last at least 10 years

How often should I change my AC filter?
There are many variables when it comes to proper filter changes, 1” filters should be changed monthly at minimum, however 4” or 6” filters may be changed quarterly depending on your environment and air quality

Why is my A/C system leaking water?
This could be do to a freeze event which would indicate a failure on the low side of the system (ie blower motor failure, restricted evaporator coil, low refrigerant charge from an active refrigerant leak) or a clogged condensate drain line

Why is my Heat Pump system freezing in the winter?
Roles reverse in the winter time with a heat pump system regarding condenser and evaporator coils; your outdoor coil will develop a layer of frost by design in the heat mode but there is a defrost function that should control the amount of frost, frost is normal but thick ice could indicate a failure with the defrost control system

Why is my A/C making buzzing noises?
Some noises are normal with an A/C system because it is a sophisticated machine with moving parts and controls; and loud “banging or clanking noises” are not normal; sometimes there will be a “buzzing” noise and this is usually a control component that may or may not be working properly

Is my A/C unit the right size for my house?
Every home is different and There are many factors and variables that will lead you to the right answer, they include but are not limited to square footage, insulation levels in the attic, walls, flooring…It is definitely the right choice to consult a professional to put these factors together to ensure proper sizing

Why is it warmer or cooler in different parts of my house?
This is almost always an indication of improper system design or ductwork failure

What is the “ballpark price” for a new A/C unit?
There are many different factors that are involved in pricing, from different brands to different efficiency levels, it all varies based off of needs and desires

Do I have to change the inside and outdoor unit(s) out at the same time?
Generally speaking yes, to get proper performance out of the system they need to match with the equipment they were designed to work with, there are special scenarios where this is not the case

Can I buy the A/C unit elsewhere and have you install it?
We can do this at a time and material basis, however only the connections we make will be warrantied in this case, we will not warranty the equipment

How do I tell if I need new ductwork?
If the system is throwing dust or air out of the registers or there is obvious visual damage to the duct or if the air coming through the registers is not adequate then this could be an indication that a duct repair or replacement needs to be executed

Why wont my A/C keep up or runs all the time?
This could be an indication of system failure or inadequate sizing or even external factors within the building science of your home

Why is my Heat Pump not heating?
This would indicate a failure either within the refrigeration part of the system or with a system control