Restoration With Epoxy Lining

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At Black Plumbing, we can apply epoxy (ePIPE) pipe lining to your water pipes with leaks, even pin hole leaks. This is a great alternative to pipe replacement in cases of encrusted or leaking pipes. Our licensed professionals can let you know if this is a good option in your situation. ePIPE lining has been used by the U.S. government, including the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as foreign governments, for more than 20 years.

Call to Learn More

Still not sure about this technology? Give Black Plumbing a call. We’d love the opportunity to sit down and talk about epoxy pipe lining with you. We’ll also be completely honest with you when it comes to making a recommendation. Overselling is not the business we’re in. If your water pipes are encrusted or leaking in spots, call us today and find out if epoxy pipe lining may be the solution!