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Fresh, Clean Water

Instead of dropping hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on bottled water, why not have a water filtration system installed right in your home? This is a relatively simple and effective way to reduce the contaminants in your home’s drinking water.

Water filtration systems can also solve problems with hard water. If you have problems with dry skin, and your colors seem to fade very quickly in the wash, call Black Plumbing and see if a water filtration system can help.

The signs of hard water include the following:

  • Film on drinking glasses
  • Scaly, white deposits on faucets or shower doors
  • Dry and dull skin and hair
  • Whites turning yellow in the wash, or fading colors

A water filtration system can also solve problems with acidic water, or water that contains excess levels of iron, radon, industrial waste, chlorine, or other chemicals.


Benefits of Water Filtration

  • Home Protection – appliances and fixtures are protected against buildup, low pH levels, and iron residue, which prolongs their lives
  • Better Living – hard water issues can be curbed without the use of extra sodium or the removal of essential minerals
  • Low maintenance
  • If you experience hard water or highly acidic water in your home, call Black Plumbing and learn what water filtration can do for you.

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