We Keep Them Flushing

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The toilets in your home are required for maximum function at all times, and clogs and overflows can be huge inconveniences.

But don’t worry! Black Plumbing is standing by ready to help with any toilet issues. Whether you need a massive clog taken care of or you are looking to completely replace an older toilet with a newer one, the team at Black is up to the task. We can also install and repair low-flow toilets, and we have replacement parts available as well.

Signs of Toilet Troubles

If you notice any of these warning signs with your toilet, chances are it may have a leak.

  • Noises – bubbling or groaning sounds coming from the pipes
  • Water on the bathroom floor – water can also splash onto the floor from the shower, so be sure to keep a close eye on the amount of water on the floor
  • Uneven floor tiles – water damage can cause tile to warp
  • Moldy or sewer gas smells

If you notice any of these signs, call Black Plumbing right away and we’ll come and take a look at it.