They’re More Than a Little Inconvenient

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If you’ve been trying to plunge that toilet for the last hour to no avail, give yourself a break. Call Black Plumbing and let us take care of that backed-up toilet instead. All of our plumbers are licensed and experienced.

There are several things that can cause a toilet to back up, including the following:

  • Sanitary products
  • Sewage backup
  • Poor installation
  • Waste buildup
  • Tree roots
  • Toys
  • Paper products

No matter what’s causing your toilet troubles, Black Plumbing will have them solved in a snap!

How does Black Plumbing fix clogged toilets?

We have many tools at our disposal to battle backups. We will first try to unclog it using a plumber’s snake. If that doesn’t work, we will thoroughly examine your toilet for any signs of damage. We use a drain camera to view the drain lines running into and out of your toilet to detect any issues.

Once we find the cause, we provide you with pricing up front. Then, we use high-powered water jets to clean the clog before re-installing the toilet and wax ring. Call Black Plumbing if you have a toilet backing up. We’ll come to the rescue!