Though Small, They Can Add Up Quickly

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If you have copper piping in your home, you may be especially susceptible to pin hole leaks. Though these are extremely small in size, they can cause a large amount of damage to your home if left alone.

The professionals at Black Plumbing can expertly detect and repair pin hole leaks in your water piping. We’ll make sure they are completely repaired, and we always guarantee your complete satisfaction.

What Causes These Tiny Leaks?

Pin hole leaks are normally due to the pitting found inside the piping. In some instances, this is caused by poor water quality, and a water treatment system may be necessary. Slowly, the inside of the pipe flakes off, working its way through to the outside. If you notice a green spot on the outside of your copper piping, give Black Plumbing a call. Those spots typically indicate the beginnings of a pin hole leak.