How Does ePIPE Work?

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If you have rusty water pipes, pin hole leaks, or low water flow, ePIPE liner may be the answer you’re looking for.

First, the pros at Black Plumbing will heat and air dry your water pipes using preheated, filtered air. Then the pipes are cleaned using air and abrasive materials. This also prepares the inside of the pipes for the epoxy coating itself. Finally, an air and corundum mix is used to sandblast the inside of the pipes before the epoxy coating is applied, completing the process.


  • Stops Pin Hole Leaks – the epoxy lining will close and prevent any pin hole leaks in your piping for years
  • No Wall Damage – since there’s no need to dig in order to access your water pipes, there’s less mess to clean up
  • Cost-Effectiveness – there’s no going through walls, ceilings, or floors, so your final bill is much lower
  • Even Better than the Original – and the process is much more quiet since the repairs take place within the pipes themselves
  • Better Water Flow – pipe buildup and pin hole leaks can cause low water flow, which the epoxy lining solves
  • Cleaner Water – rust buildup inside your pipes won’t seep into your water supply

To learn more about epoxy pipe restoration, and whether or not it’s right for you, call Black Plumbing today!