A Little Work Now, a Lot Less Expensive Later

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Regular upkeep on your drains and sewer line is important. In fact, it can often detect potential problems before they become too large an issue, which often results in cost savings on repairs down the road. Many times, issues with your drains or sewer line are not visible on the surface. Finding them takes the expertise of a qualified professional. In the Abilene, TX area, that qualified professional is Black Plumbing. Call us for maintenance services today!

Tips to prevent clogs in your drains or sewer line

  • Don’t pour grease down your kitchen sink
  • Pour a pot of boiling water down each drain every month with a half-cup of baking soda added, or more often if necessary
  • Always make use of screens or filters to prevent hair and other objects from going down the drain

Know how to use both a plunger and a sewer snake. When a clog occurs, start with the plunger, then move to the snake. To make sure the clog has moved, pour water into the toilet bowl instead of flushing it. If the water doesn’t go down, you still have a clog on your hands. Call Black Plumbing for help!